Sun sign Sagittarius overview

Sagittarius Overview: What makes a Sagittarius tick?

We all know someone who belongs to the Sagittarius star sign. I think most people have discovered when looking at a Sagittarius overview that Sagittarians are honest and sometimes brutally honest. For those of us who appreciate the truth and nothing but the truth, this can be a great attribute, although there are those who will disagree, saying they are blunt and unfeeling. While a Sagittarius overview might tell you that Sagittarius the Sun Sign represents creativity, I know some Sagittarians who display not one creative bone in their body. Those born under the Sagittarius star sign can have a host of different characteristics but some of the ones I know have a common thread running through them. Sagittarians hate being told what to do, especially when it comes from people they neither know or care about. Try and control what a Saggitarian does or try and pinpoint them in any way and you’ll know all about how brutally honest they can be. They are seriously wonderful people and have a wicked sense of humour and in today’s world, we could all use a Sagittarius star sign among us.

Diy zodiac art is a fun project

DIY zodiac art

With DIY zodiac art, you can create personalised wall art that showcases your star sign! To create a funky decorative picture of your zodiac constellation, you will need this material: plywood planks that are 9 x 9-inch, craft paint in dark blue, 1-inch white nails, white strings, and a print out of your constellation. For tools, you will need a hammer, a paintbrush, and scissors. First, find your signs constellation on the internet and print it out. It needs to match the size of the plywood. Second, paint the plywood plank with the dark blue paint. Allow it to dry completely. Centre the print of the constellation on the plank. After you’ve done that, place the nails on the stars of the constellation and hammer them into the plywood. You’re going to wrap a string around the nails later, so make sure they’re tall enough. Once all the nails are in, remove the paper. Take the white string and connect all the nails in the shape of the constellation. Congratulations, you have now made your own DIY zodiac art! However, to make it even more personalised, you can use a small alphabet stamp and white ink to stamp the name of the constellation and your own name on the painting. Why not try to make this Zodiac wall art for your nursery? One for the baby, one for mum and one for dad.


Pisces: Explanation of the personality traits of a Pisces

Astrology has fascinated people for hundreds of years. But Can astrology explain our world? There is no doubt that exploring the traits of your sign can be a fun exercise. There is a Pisces explanation that delves deeper into the personality of someone born under this sign. No matter which interpretation you read, it is agreed that Pisces tend to be compassionate, intuitive, creative, gentle and wise. These are strengths to be proud of. But with everything else, this water sign has weaknesses too. Pisces can be fearful and overly trusting, sad and have the tendency to escape reality and make themselves into a martyr or a victim. A Pisces explanation shows that Pisces are very friendly and that they like to surround themselves with many different kinds of people, showing a selfless nature without expecting much back. A Pisces will be a good friend to have, and since the element of this sign is water, they are characterised by empathy with their ruling planet being the blue giant, Neptune.

Predictions for Gemini this month

Gemini Predictions for June

People with Gemini Zodiac have dual personalities and you will never know which person you are talking to. Predictions for this Zodiac are the most interesting ones. The daily, weekly and monthly predictions invariably contain the two aspects of personality. Here is a compilation of online predictions for this month. In June the planet Saturn is in the sixth house and is supportive. Jupiter in the third house which means mixed fortunes for the month. Mars in sixth house and Venus and Mercury in the twelveth house means negative results in financial matters. The career progress will be halted and you will face many hurdles this month. Hence, you need to be careful in the workplace. People having a business should expect moderate to low returns. The expenses will go overboard due to some emergency which cannot be avoided. Health will also suffer from stomach problems causing worry. Overall, this will be a month which will be frustrating with nothing going your way. The way to counter this is to wait for the month to be over, as the next month will definitely be better on all fronts.

Astrology readings: Gemini and the duality in personality

Astrology readings: Gemini

Astrology readings of the Gemini Zodiac sign can be really interesting. True, all stars have positives and negatives, but the star sign of Gemini suggests the presence of dual personalities. Astrology readings, in almost all cases, indicate that Gemini will switch personalities without actually realizing that they are doing so. Some of the other traits that are linked to the duality are: Versatility – Gemini are excited by a wide variety of subjects, and they will always try more than one thing. The problem with this trait is that they will always keep on changing what they do. This confirms that their personality is loaded with dual characteristics. Enthusiastic and soft spoken – They will be enthusiastic, but will be soft spoken and never be a loud mouth. They possess excellent communication skills, which makes them natural communicators. Struggling with decisions – Decision making can be a really tough nut for Geminis. They will always be in two minds and tend to lose out on good opportunities. Get bored easily – Geminis always like to challenge their own intellects. Hence, they don’t like to do jobs that include repetitive tasks.

Aquarius the temperamental Zodiac

Aquarius are imaginative

This is the time of the Aquarius (January 20 – February 18) and Aquarians make really good friends. They like to help others and are good talkers as well as good listeners. Aquarius are shy on one hand and can be full of energy bordering on eccentricity on the other hand. They are deep thinkers and intellectual people who can see both sides of the story, and hence can solve problems very easily. They are natural problem solvers. This is the reason professions related to detection can be really rewarding for them. This can range from being a Police officer to being a writer or a scientist. No profession is difficult for the Aquarius.

Uranus is the planet that rules Aquarius and gives them the quality to easily transform and adapt to situations. They like to be part of a group and are always progressive thinkers. The major weakness of Aquarians is that they can be easily bored and want change of environment. They are very temperamental, and the only Zodiac sign where boys and girls are almost alike. Leo is the best sign for marriage and Gemini and Libra for long-term relations. If you can win the trust of the Aquarians generally it is for a long-term. Talking and good arguments are more interesting than physical relationships for Aquarians. If you are dating an Aquarius man or woman make sure you learn about their positive and negative traits.

Scorpio and their Qualities

The Zodiac Scorpio

One of the most intriguing Zodiac sign is the scorpio. With my interest in Astrology really scaling after with knowledge I am learning and how I can apply it to solve some of my problems. Sharing all Zodiac signs is so interesting. This post it is Scorpio; I find this Zodiac sign so intriguing. Labelled cold and rude there is more to Scorpios than their exterior just like the Scorpion with its exoskeleton and the soft innards. They are known as the most powerful Zodiac by most astrologers. Let us see some of the traits of this Zodiac:

  • Very straight forward – Now I will tell you why I was so transfixed with Scorpio. My daughter is a Scorpio and sometimes I really am amazed at the way she speaks the truth and is straight in her communication. She will say things which might pinch. However this trait is rare these days so I let my daughter be.
  • Scorpion girls are nice partners – Scorpios would not tolerate her boyfriend looking at other girls. They are very possessive but extremely romantic. They will always be serious in their relations.
  • They have keen observation – Scorpios have very developed senses. They can smell deceit much before it is done. So do not try and fool a scorpio.
  • They are good investors – Scorpios take care of money very well. They might sometimes land in financial soup but soon get out of it and rise. They will never talk of money though.

Understanding Leos

Well, I am turning to astrology for more reasons than one at the moment. I am having currently experiencing some financial issues and trying to use astrology to find out when the good times will start ;). However, for now I want to arrange for some simplecash  to take care of the urgent expenses. 🙂

Coming back to astrology, I am a Leo, and i have been studying about this sun sign. While everything given about sun sign doesn’t apply to me, amazingly a lot does. I am sharing it here, if you are also a Leo tell me how much it applies to you.

Leo is a sign characterized by drama, but at the same time Leos are social, creative, and have enough qualities to attract everyone. It is almost impossible to resist a Leo, which is a fire sign that having charm and self-assurance.


Leo is a fire sign that loves life and wants to enjoy every bit of it. Like other fire signs, Leo is ready to solve complex issues and take the initiative to eliminate any problematic situations.

The Sun rules Leo in all areas, which explains the big ego they have. This can be healthy on the one hand, because they easily find what they want to achieve. But on the other hand, when Leo ignores the problems and the needs of others to fulfill their desires, this can be very problematic.

Leo has incredible strength and is “the king”. They have many friends because they are generous and make loyal friends.

Leos need to take care of the heart and spine. They need to be very strict about exercising. And last but not the least, they have a great sense of humor that helps them communicate with others.

What is Astrology – Continued.

Sun's path through the zodiac.
The Ecliptic Path of the Sun

Astrology uses a geocentric perception of the Earth and planets, especially useful as we are looking at the interaction of the planets from here on Earth.

We have a lot of thank the ancient astrologers for.  around since 5 B.C. our concept of ‘year’ and ‘month’ comes from them. Our concept of time grew from their observations of the solar and lunar movements. Observation of the ecliptic orbit of the sun, moon and planets showed us that they move through all 12 zodiac signs, taking one month to travel through one sign and through all in one year. the moon travels through all zodiac sign in one month.

The next bit about the ecliptic movement confused me a little, eventually I understood it but writing it up was another matter so I have decided to go with bullet points I hope it works for you. ( if anyone is following this other than my friend). This link is a good explanation of the ecliptic with a helpful diagram.

An ecliptic diagram of the zodiac
The least complicated diagram I could find!
  • The two dimensional picture above is possible because the ecliptic is nearly flat ( deviation of about 8˚)
  • The circle is sliced into 12 signs
  • A planet, designated by their actual position in space falls into one of the signs.
  • Each planet also falls into one of the 12 houses (for a later post)

Next post: What are the Aspects and why do we need to now them?

There is a lot more to this than I thought, a bit like going back to study but it has caught my attention and I am determined to understand it.

What is Astrology?


The study of the planets, the sun and moon and their interplays with each other

Most people know their own star sign but maybe they only know its name not what it represents. Did you know it is all about where the sun is aligned than the actual stars? So what do you know – take this small test and find out. I only got 7/9 so there is really a lot for me to learn.

I am going to start these posts for the moment with a question and then I am going to attempt to answer it. If I miss out something or you feel I have it wrong let me know via the comments section, but remember I am new to this too.

First question, a biggy really – What is Astrology?

It is about observation, watching the interchange between the planets and from this point on the Sun and Moon will be classed as planets, although I know they are something different.

The essences of our lives, our styles of communication, love, emotions etc is represented by a planet.

How a planet affects the style in which we display its component, is dictated by its position in the heavens.

Natal astrology is observation of the planet’s position in the heavens at the moment of your birth and that indicates how that planets component will show itself in your life.

Basic astrology takes four things into account:

The planets (including the Sun and the Moon)
The zodiac signs which the planets are in –  Since Babylonian times the Heavens have been divided into the 12 zodiac sign or archetypes
The Houses

More on those last two later, it has been enough getting my head around this much but I must say it’s been fun.